Cheyenne Kai was born in 1986 in the South of England.

 For as long as she can remember she has loved stories, reading and writing.

 Having obtained her degree in Creative Writing and Film Studies at the University of Winchester, she is now studying a Masters in Professional Writing at Falmouth University

  She also loves dance, photography and art.

 Beginning from a dream in the summer of 2000 and drawing from the inspirational essence of the sea this is her first full-length novel.

Cheyenne Kai is currently penning the sequel to All The Lost Souls, and planning a new book




"I can't criticise such a masterpiece!" - Jesskah"


‘He gasped: six huge gashes had cut into his skin above his trembling lungs. He arched his back as sharp pain formed in his neck.

 He was suffocating. He couldn’t breath, he couldn’t breathe…’

Kaelem is just like every other teenager struggling to come to terms with his life and homework. Then there is a knock on the door that changes his whole future. He gradually discovers his true identity and is drawn into a destiny he doesn’t want. It leads to a struggle to discover the truth about his role in what he is convinced is the redemption of the human race, leading to conflict within his family and between three very differing worlds. Kaelem was not only unknowingly born into a war, he also finds out that he is the son of parents on opposite sides: two worlds, one with the power over ice, one of fire.

 The two powers fused in Kaelem, causing him to be unique in his ability.

 This ultimately leads to a horrific path that will leave in its wake devastation, desolation and death.